Gertrude the Pekingese & Sheila

Gertrude is a Pekingese dog who came to live with Sheila when she was seven years old, having been handed in to Battersea Dogs Home in London. For the first six months she was a very shy and insecure little dog who felt safest in the kitchen. Her life had obviously been very limited as she was unused to proper meals and walks in the park but after eighteen months she began to develop into the wonderful character she is today.

Gertrude the Pekingese reading her book

Although still a sensitive little Pekingese dog, she now has the confidence to think she owns the street on which she lives, and when Daisy, a rather timid Collie Cross used to see her approaching she was so apprehensive she used to scurry behind a tree. But the wrath that Gertrude unleashes when she sees Mike the Bassett Hound is unparalleled. Mike lives in the same block of flats, and when they meet Gertrude barks so furiously that her whole body shakes, her little legs leave the ground and she appears to have levitated, while the unfortunate Mike looks bemused and howls.

Gertrude the Pekingese reading her book

Happily, with other dogs, she is very friendly and sociable. She particularly likes Saturday and Sunday mornings when Sheila has coffee in the park café with her friends and Gertrude can meet her chums.

Rather like the Queen who has a private celebration on her birthday as well as an official birthday celebration in June, this Pekingese has two birthdays also. She was born in November, and is now thirteen years old, but there is always a party on the anniversary on the day Sheila first met Gertrude. This is her second birthday and she has a special cake.


November 9th 1991 - February 10th 2008

Sadly Gertrude passed away on the morning of February 10th 2008.
She was dearly loved, and is greatly missed by all who knew her. She was a very special little Pekingese.

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