Gertrude's Brave Escape front cover

Gertrude's Brave Escape has had some great reviews from publications in the UK and the US as well as from the public.

We've also had a kind letter from Bruce Forsyth CBE.

Your Dog Magazine

"Gertrude, a frightened puppy, is left in a box outside the dogs' home. Luckily she finds a caring new owner and embarks on a series of adventures in which she meets the magical Blue Lion, the snobby Lady Jade Thundergrowl and foils a pair of would-be kidnappers. Written with six to nine year olds in mind, parents will enjoy reading this too; the illustrations are beautiful and based on a real-life Pekingese owned by a friend of the author. The book is also an ideal way to start discussing issues with children such as puppy farming, taking a rescue dog and what caring for a dog really involves. A percentage of the profits from each book will be donated to charities concerned with rescue, rehoming and animal welfare." Rating: 10/10

Your Dog Magazine, February 2006.
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Orient Express Magazine

"Brenda Reid kindly alerted us to a new Pekingese book 'Gertrude's Brave Escape' written and illustrated by Julia Edge. Gertrude is a Pekingese heroine, very much in the resourceful Nancy Drew style. The story begs a few questions. even Stuart wondered about the motherless little girl who seems to be roaming around London at all hours. The little girl is first seen sadly placing a cardboard box containing Gertrude at the staff entrance of a Dogs Home. Gertrude is promptly adopted by a milliner "Miss Dee" and lives happily until she's accidentally stolen with another Peke by two miscreants. The story and illustrations are best when they enter the realm of pure fantasy: Gertrude's dream of the Blue Lion, the imperial procession and of all...Gertrude's ruse involving a souvenir stand to avoid recapture. The illustrations are delightful and the book would be a fine Christmas present. The ever-impressionable Stuart thinks he saw a Blue Lion by our rock garden."

Taken from TOAD NOTES by Tiny Toad (a Pekingese) with help operating the dictionary and typewriter from Louise W. King. "Orient Express" Magazine. USA. November 2005 edition.

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